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Outdoor Worship Pavilion
Call the church office for questions about the pavilion or if you wish to reserve it for an event or activity.

Origin of the Project

In the Summer of 2020, after no in-person worship due to the pandemic we began offering outdoor worship.  Greg Stewart approached Pastor Gina after one of the outdoor services and shared the idea of an outdoor covered space.  After bringing the idea to the Church Council, they gave approval for the exploration phase. After exploring various options of what we want built, we are ready to move forward with completing the project. Construction continues and we near completion.

Purpose of the Outdoor Worship Pavilion

The purpose of this functional, beautiful pavilion will be to provide a space for gatherings, meals and worship services. We are envisioning congregational picnics, VBS, Youth Group, Small Groups and Bible Studies, Summer concerts, Community Groups, Boy and Girls Scouts, weddings, and these only scratch the surface of possibility.  Our hope is that it will become a place for connection, fellowship, and hospitality for our congregation and our community. 

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