Most Committees have been divided into 3 year “classes”. This has been done to promote rotation of new members onto committees and allowing people to serve other places after their 3 year term has ended. Normal terms begin January 1st of the year following a person’s election by the Church Conference. Normal terms end on December 31st of the class year.

Children’s Ministry Council

Chairperson Ashley Bacon (2019)
Class of 2018
Monica Hirchert
Class of 2019
Holly Mackie
Class of 2020
Arianna Jensen
Jenny Bruck
Finance Committee
Chairperson: Kim Quick (2018)
Greg Stewart (Church Council Chair)
Karene Ryan (Representative of Staff-Parish Relations Committee)
Rich Buckingham (Representative of Trustees)
Kathy Cook (Treasurer)
Betz Woodhull (Finance Secretary)
Craig Folkers or Angel Martin (Lay Leadership Representative)
Jane Van Horn (Lay Member to Annual Conference)

Class of 2018
Donna Andreasen
Julie Carnicom
Class of 2019
Tim Kastrup

Class of 2020
Sarah Jensen
Missy Wiemer
Mike Mackie

Lay Leadership

Chairperson: Pastor Gina Gile
2020 Team is being defined in a new way! Primary Goal of Leadership Development.
Jamie Folkers/Craig Folkers/ Angel Martin (Shared Lay Leader Role)
Linda Howland – rolled back onto the committee for consistency

Membership Outreach and Care

Chairperson: Pam Wilhelm (2020)
This group has several new additions and will be utilizing people in a variety of ways
Class of 2018
Katy Flynn (cards)
Maggie Lynch
Class of 2019
Carol Williams
Mary Nan Christian
Kandice Rasmussen
Class of 2020
Shelly Kelly
Lonnie Kay Mackie
Phyllis Barber
Kim Rasmussen

Memorial Committee

Chairperson: Jane Van Horn
Eunice Scheffler, Judy Wolf, Ila Nelson, and Kristi Lippincott

Mission Committee

Chairperson: Susan Poling (2019)
Class of 2018
Nancy Sipple
Nancy Williby
Class of 2019
Sarah Jensen
Aaron Matson
Clark Christian

Small Group Ministries

Chairperson: Diane Highfill (2020)
Class of 2018
Amy Coates
Don & Betz Woodhull
Class of 2019
Amy Larsen
Lavonne Feller
Class of 2020
Jeanne Scheve
Allison Matson

Ex-Officio Member: Debbie Foust (Director of Christian Education & Small Groups)

Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Chairperson: Karene Ryan (2018)
Class of 2018
Peggy Young
Chris Wormuth
Class of 2019
Ann Clark
Class of 2020
Joan Bryan
Joel Bacon

Ex-officio Members: Jane Van Horn (Lay Member to Annual Conference)
Lay Leadership- Angel Martin or Craig Folkers

Board of Trustees
Chairperson: Rich Buckingham (2019)
Class of 2018
Roger Lorsch
Aaron Belina
Class of 2019
Dick Goeken
Brenda Quick
Ron Williby
Class of 2020
Phyllis Tremble
Stacey Wachter

Ex-officio Members: Kevin Fleming and Cheri Barnes (Custodians)

Worship Committee

Chairperson: Marcia Hall
Class of 2018
Patti Behnk
Class of 2019
Class of 2020
Nancy Goeken

Altar Care : Nancy Goeken, Jacque Fischer, Dick Goeken, and Allison Lorenzen
Communion Stewards: Marcia Hall, Mary Stewart, Jessica Hall, Joleen Rewarts, Sue Gerdes, Linda Howland, Luann Jacobsen Head Usher: Chuck Hall
Ex-Officio Members : Ann Thiemann (Music Director) and Kevin Foust (Media Director)

Youth Council

Chairperson: Katie Goeken (2019)
Sheri Bolton (Youth Director)
Jane Van Horn (Youth Choir & Bells)
Amy Larsen (Middle School Sunday School)
High School Sunday School – Not offered anymore with the expectation that these young people will be incorporated into all aspects of church life as well as leadership roles and serving on committees.

Class of 2018
Kevin Poling
Angel Thomas
Class of 2019
Jennifer Bogdanoff
Taffy Jones
Class of 2020
2018 – Youth Rep – Courtney Geise